Updates: Spring 2011 Workshops

December 16, 2010

Hi everyone!  We are incredibly thrilled that our April 11 -13, 2011 WFA workshop is almost filled.  We have spaces for possibly 1 Volunteer or Student and 1 Attendee.  Do not wait if you are interested because space is limited.

We will start a WAIT LIST once we reach capacity.

The next WFA is going to be so wonderful.  Once again, we have some amazing people coming both far and near.  These small workshops create a safe environment and intimate conversation.  People often ask can't you have a room filled with people and I reply that it doesn't allow for one on one attention.  In a large classroom environment, shy and reserved attendees may not feel comfortable sharing.  When our workshops are less than 8 attendees, it gives each attendee time to share about their own business where in large groups there might not be an opportunity.

Hope that all of you have having a warm, safe and happy Holidays.

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