Why WFA?

January 2, 2009

At the Wedding Floral Academy(WFA), you will have the opportunity to learn floral skills and also to share the design philosophy and business strategy from one of today's leading floral and event designers, Nancy Liu Chin.

Nancy's workshops provide opportunities to practice up to date floral techniques and learn best business skill sets. Simply put - WFA represents the marriage of wedding floral design with business alchemy. Nancy's workshop will capture your creativity yet balance it with best practices. She will inspire you with her classic yet modern floral style. She will challenge you with her straight forward approach to business development. You will be tired at the end of the workshops but hopefully filled with new skill sets, inspirations, and information. Nancy will share with you her experiences both the successes and certainly the mistakes. She has no secrets to hide and many to share.

The WFA workshops offer opportunities to receive real instructions and inspirations to better prepare you for the world of wedding floral design. Each 3 day workshop is set in an intimate atmosphere which is perfect for learning, sharing and growing. Floral demonstrations, professional instructions, informal discussions, business presentations, and hands on practice are included with a 3 day workshop. Workshops are between 5 to 8 attendees, enabling Nancy to spend time with each participant and to encourage discussion and activity participation. The intimate workshop environment is perfect for learning.

There is not a better way to jump start your career in the world of wedding floral design.

Photo Credit: Kevin Chin