1 on 1 Consulting

September 11, 2009

1 on 1 Consulting

As a wedding professional, I am well aware of the issues that prevent us from taking our business to the next level.  Each wedding season, we all passionately work toward making our clients' dreams come true but how often do we spend the time to make our own dreams come alive.  Instead of having a business were the clients dictate what we do on a daily basis, why not take the control back?

With my guidance and coaching, let me help you develop a doable strategy that will help you focus, plan, and act.

Part of the 6 months coaching can include

Brand Assessment(logo, mission statement, slogan, icon, name)
Financial Review
Website/Blog/Collateral Evaluation
Daily Operations and Production Review
Image Review

Take aways can include

Legacy Planning
Organizational Tips
PR/Promotional Plan
Branding Plan and Development(graphic designer fees are additional)
Office Template Development

Available starting 2011, why can't you have a coach with over 400+ wedding experience?  Why not have one that is not only a warm and engaging pro but one with real experience.  Let me pass on my tips, strategies and assessments so that you can improve your bottom line, prepare for growth, and work less but with more efficiency.

6 months minimum commitment includes
1 session per month - 90 minute session
$175.00 per session($1050 for 6 minimum session investment)

About Nancy
Nancy Liu Chin has worked in managerial roles for several large retail and specialty businesses including Macy's, bebe stores, and Gap's Banana Republic division. Her retail and merchandising experience including product buying, distribution planning, and in store management.  Since 2001, Nancy Liu Chin has owned a very successful floral and event design company based in San Francisco.  In addition to her corporate and entrepreneur experience, Nancy holds a B.S. from University of California, Berkeley in Business Administration with an emphasis on Finance and Marketing.  Her wedding floral and event design work has been featured in countless editorials and publications.  In 2001, Nancy Liu Chin was nominated for 2010 Women's Initiative Women Entrepreneur of the Year.

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